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Chiefs of Police njsap Noble Lowndes Nori, Hennion Walsh, Inc. 161, Another version is given in Hone's Table bok,. Chorus Love and joy come to you, And to your wassail too, And God bless you and send you a happy new year, And God send you a happy new year. The Port Authority of NY NJ The PQ Corporation The Real Estate Board Of New York The Research Foundation The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation The Rockefeller Group The Summit FCU The University Of Connecticut The Valley Hospital The Village of Spring Valley The Walker Group. Besides all the others we have apples in store, Pray let us come in, for it's cold by the door. Phelps Memorial Hospital Center Phi Kappa PSI NJ Gamma Housing Philadelphia County Assistance Office Philadelphia Metal Trades Company Philadelphia Parking Authority Phoenix Marketing Group Photo's by Poncho pimco Pine Brook Fire Department Pine View Homeowners Association Pitney Bowes Pitney Bowes, Inc. I'd live all in my pigsty as soon as I'd live there. United Teachers Alliance United Teletech Financial FCU United University Professions United Way Of Greater Rochester University Physicians Association University's Parent Council Uno Restaurants UPS Urban. The fields were green as green could be, When from his heavenly seat Our mighty Lord he watered us With his heavenly dew so sweet.

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Harm, me boys, harm; Harm, me boys, harm; A little more liquor won't do us know harm. And then again my stomach I'll show, For good roast-beef here stoutly stands; I'll make it stoop before I go, Or I'll be no man of my hands. To return to the top click here A Sober Spouse for Me A fire-Side Temperance Song (Beware! Militia Association of NY Mill Basin.H.P. A' without is cauld an drear, Wintry winds are howlin' 0 A' within is mirth an cheer: Dinna then be scwlin'. No port South African Or Sherry of that ilk, You'll find therein, old man' 'Tis strong, yet mild as milk Is our wassail! Mr JJ Mountford, the organist of St John's church has got the two versions of the music, one from the old man from whom I got the words, but I do not know from whence he obtained the other. . Contact your member benefits department for your login info. Ricket, Edith, Ancient English Christmas Carols., 1914. If you can't spare a bag, then cupfull will. There are 20 sound recordings, but Phil Tanner and Billy Buckingham (Topic tscd666 a group of wassailers from Drayton, Somerset (Topic tscd663) and a snatch of Charlie Bate (Rounder CD 1719) are the only ones. Covidien Creative Print Credit Union of New Jersey Creditek Corporation Crime Victims Board Crowning Achievements Crystal Springs Resort csaeu, DC 1707, afscme, AFL-CIO csea csea Local 426 csea Unit 9200 cssc Incorporated CT Assn. If you run into this song please! Pp.304-6, From: New Christmas Carrols:Being fit also to be sung at Easter Whitsontide, and other festival days in the year. Maharam Maher Maher Maidenform Inc. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Hornell Erie FCU Hospital For Special Surgery Houde Employees.C.U. This ancient house We will kindly salute It is an old custom You need not dispute. Loral Defense Systems L'ORÉAL USA.C.U. This is our merry night for choosing King and Queen; The Lord lay down His life that something may be seen. You all are welcome in To our wassail! Lordings, from a distant home, To seek old Christmas we are come, Who loves our minstrelsy : And here, unless report mis-say, The grey-beard dwells; and on this day Keeps yearly wassel, ever gay, With festive mirth and glee. Thomson Consumer Electronics Thomson HealthCare Thornton Agency, Inc. Some bounty from your hands, Our wassel to maintain: We'l buy no house nor lands With that which we do gain With our wassel. Transistor Devices Transit Supervisors Organization Transport Workers Union das erste mal anal busenerotik Local 1400 Trap Rock Industries, Inc. For Peace and for Good-will. Again the term Wassail is never mentioned and the only similarity is that folk go door to door and food and drink are involved.-Source: Kennedy (1984)pp.158-9,172. Lantis Eyewear Law Enforcement Officers of Orange County Law Enforcement Officers Union Lawrence Hospital Lawrence Memorial Hospital Lawrence Toyota Lawson Mardon Thermoplate Lay Faculty Association Leake Watts Services, Inc. Bring us in no puddings, for therein is all God's good; Nor bring us in no venison, for that is not for our blood; And bring us in good ale. IFF Employees FCU ILA Local 1235 FCU Imagistics Printing IMD.C.U. We will drink our Masters health, with the star all on his breast, And when he is dead I hope his souls at rest- So I wish you all a happy New Year. Chorus Someimes it's laurel, sometimes it's bay, Come fill up our bowl- dish and we'll drink away. Mpeg Local 700. Afge Local 1999 afge Local 225 afge Local 2369 afge Local 3369 afgm enterprises FCU afscme - Council 52 afscme Council 66 afscme Council 82 Local 298 afscme- Local 1000 AFL/CIO afscme Local 182 afscme Local 3551/Cayuga Corr. university of essex ruder club